Letter from Naya

Hey yall , I want to make a few things clear as my busiest season is creeping up. When it comes to quality of my work I can assure you that I give my all. I never want anyone upset, unhappy, or to question my work. I do take my time with work to assure I quality control everything that is left from my hands. Please note that my turnaround is just an estimate but I do my best to get it out as soon as possible. If you have any questions just email me(davidandeugenecreations2@gmail.com) or send me a PM I will do whatever to come to a solution for you. I work with with many vendors to offer you ladies things that I do not make myself such as boutique clothing and so much more. However, if it is a product I do not make I still make sure it is of the same quality because I will never give you all anything less than what I would make myself. As I have grown in bulk orders I have not grown in such a manner that my quality is not the same. I will never take more than I can handle. I want to grow but in a manner that I can still give all my loyal customers the best of my business. I am humble in that aspect. ❤ Shirts are my bread and butter, it is what I am known for and perfected the last 4 years. However, with perfection comes expanding into different materials. I always try to stay with the same brand but my transfer can differ depending on the design itself. I want to explain the difference moving forward to make sure I am being as transparent as possible. *Sublimation tees will have the ink embedded into your fabric you will NOT be able to feel this ink in your material. *Screenprint/DTF will be ink directly on top of your material which you depending on the number of colors/size of the designs will depend on how it feels on the shirt. * Embroidery will be multiple needs and thread colors into your garment stitched. I press all shirts at a high temperature with a lot of pressure on a commercial press. I do not use anything less than commercial quality for this reason. I want you to feel confident when ordering that your shirt will not wash, peel or come apart. I do not work with vinyl anymore. I have not worked with it for over 2 years unless you specified that is what you wanted. However those that have been with me since the beginning know that even my vinyl has held up for years and are still wearing my products, which I am so thankful for! I thank all of you for every single order, like, comment, and sharing of my business to your friends and family. It truly means that world to me. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.